Accidents are a way of life. According to RoSPA, a million children in the UK alone, annually attend hospital due to accidents in and around the home. With 10 deaths a year due to falls, it’s easy to see why stair gates are a necessity in any home with young children. While parental supervision is essential for toddlers and babies, it is not always possible to guard against domestic accidents which is why installing a stair gate that complies with European Standard EN1930 is recommended.

Stair Gate Fixing Types

Stair Gates come in two types of fixing; pressure fixing and screw fixing (or wall mounted).

Pressure fixing stair gates

These attach to the wall surface by expanding and pushing against the mounting surface to fill the gap. Some of these products come with additional cups and screws to make the fitting more secure (at the expense of ease of moving).

Pressure Fixing Stair Gate
Pressure Stair Gate


  • Easy to move
  • Easy to install (no extra tools required)


  • Not permanently fixed so not as sturdy as screw fixing
  • They tend to come with a bracing bar along the bottom which can be a trip hazard

Screw fixing (wall mounted) stair gates

These attach to wall surface by means of metal screws.

Screw Fixing Stair Gate
Screw Fixing Stair Gate


  • Most secure
  • Preferred for top of stairs


  • Require tools to install
  • Not easily moved
  • Requires a secure surface to attach to


We recommend fitting a stair gate to both the top and bottom of a stair way.

Manufacturing Material

Stair gates are made from three types of material; steel, wood or fabric/mesh. The choice is largely down to personal taste but fabric stair gates are lighter than the other two and are intended more for travel use.

Travel Stair Gates

These are made from a fabric mesh and are much lighter than the other types. They collapse and can be easily moved between locations, making them extremely portable.

Extra tall or wide Stair Gates

Sometimes a gap is too wide to bridge with a standard stair gate so extensions are available for certain models. Some models also come as a wide fitting. Please use our product categories to help identify these types.

A few manufacturers have also produced some extra tall models to help provide extra peace of mind with older children or pets.

Please double check all width requirements BEFORE ordering.

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